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Add Value with a Laneway House in Vancouver

Increasing the value of your residential property is a way to ensure that your home’s resale value remains high throughout the time you live

July 26, 2021
Ian Nicule
July 26, 2021

Increasing the value of your residential property is a way to ensure that your home’s resale value remains high throughout the time you live in it until you are ready to sell. A popular, and smart way to increase your home’s value is to work with laneway house builders in Vancouver.

Laneway homes are smaller, detached houses generally located where the garage would typically go on a single-family lot. Laneway homes, unlike coach houses, cannot be subdivided, or sold separately from the main home on the lot. On paper, laneway homes are a lot like basement suites, as they are considered part of the main house.

Laneway houses in Vancouver have become a popular way to increase property values, as well as earn extra income by renting them out. If you are considering building a laneway house, consult professional laneway house builders in Vancouver. Professional laneway house builders will be familiar with the specific guidelines, rules, and restrictions specific to your area.

In Vancouver, laneway homes must not be greater than 750 square feet, however there are parts of British Columbia where laneway homes can be as large at 900 square feet. Residential property owners cannot build more than one laneway house per property and must have an additional parking spot for the laneway home. Laneway homes must also be attached to local sewer, water, and drainage systems can only be built onto a back lane, not the main street, and have to include a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.

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Laneway house builders in Vancouver are experienced ascetics, who have concise plans and layouts that are approved plans for laneway homes requirements. Laneway house builders can also design a custom layout for your new laneway home, that meets all requirements and regulations. In order to qualify for a laneway home, a lot in Vancouver must be 33’ wide at least, with an open lane, as laneway homes can only open to a lane, and must have lane access.

Not only do laneway homes increase your property value, but they can also help others. Vancouver has a housing crisis, and affordable housing in Vancouver can be hard to come by. Laneway house builders in Vancouver have to build these homes as completely detached units from the main home. Meaning that instead of condos, apartments, or townhouses, laneway homes are completely detached homes. Many people prefer living in detached dwellings, as they offer more privacy than apartments or basement suites do.

The average cost, according to many Vancouver based Laneway home builders, is around $200,000 which is less expensive than buying a house or property. Laneway home builders are knowledgeable about various layouts and designs, ensuring that your new laneway home will be complementary to the main home. A curbside appeal can also be increased by having an attractive laneway home on the property. Like a well-planned garden, a laneway home can be an attractive feature for residential property and neighbourhood.

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Laneway house builders Vancouver can also help you and your multigenerational family live in peace. Laneway homes can be a great option for aging parents or adult children. Laneway house building can also be a great project and option for couples who have an empty house and are looking to downsize. They can live in the laneway home, and rent out the main property. Living on the same property that is being rented out has the added bonus of being close to your rental property if there are any issues.

Laneway homes can also add another level of security, and a sense of safety for both homeowners and their tenants.

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