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Finding The Right Builder for Your New Custom Home

You aren’t placing the biggest investment of your life in the hands of just any builder.

March 1, 2021
Ian Nicule
March 1, 2021

You aren’t placing the biggest investment of your life in the hands of just any builder. You have your future, your investment, and your well-being at stake. Your dream should be handled with care. For this reason, one of the most important aspects of the project is the ability of your custom home builder to be a trusted listener.

This is one of your most important relationships. You need to be able to completely trust that the person or organization is dedicated to realizing your dreams.

Realizing Your Dream, The Custom Home

There are some great reasons for building a custom home. A newly built custom home saves you from finding just the right existing home that already contains all of the details, just as you like them, in just the right location. That can be a difficult and lengthy task. For starters, a custom home gives you two big advantages.

First, you can choose the location that you want it built. This decision is tied closely to your lifestyle. This could be determined by a view you cherish or a certain body of water, or it could be tied to a school district, or it could be in proximity to locations you need to access regularly.

Second, this home can match your vision and your unique taste. From layout to details, it can be all you. Many times, replacing significant attributes of a home is more difficult than building them or installing them originally.

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What Should You Look for in a Custom Home Builder?

There are many custom home builders in Vancouver, how do you choose the right one?

  1. They Have Your Vision at Heart: They are dedicated to you directly, are easy to work with, and are responsive. It comes right down to caring about your ideas, your vision, and your new home. The right builder will listen closely, answer all of your questions clearly along the way, and help you achieve your vision.
  2. They Value Third Party Inspections: A good sign that your builder is transparent and has nothing to hide is their interest in bringing in a third-party inspection company during the different stages of house construction. This is both good for them and good for you. Documented assurance is a good thing to have once the project is completed. Each part of the construction is different and requires a unique type of expertise, from the foundation to the electrical system, and the plumbing.
  3. They are an Established Business: A home building company that has been around a while has the satisfied clients to go along with it. If they are currently using all the latest techniques and materials, that is also a good sign.
  4. Transparency is Important to Them: Clarity is key. There should be nothing left to wonder. If a builder is vague, they are keeping something from you, and it is better to stay away from that one. Not only should your contract be clear, but the builder should also be properly insured.
  5. They Value the Materials Used: Any project is only as good as the quality that goes into it. Good builders make sure that the materials they use are strong and of high quality. They also want to take good care of those materials during construction.
  6. Some Social Research: Today, social networking gives us a good way to view a business’s reputation. Business reviews from past clients are important. If you can, contact some of them and find out what their experience was like.
  7. They Manage A Quality Team: Are the builder’s team people of quality and skill? Do they like working with your builder? Can you trust that they are experts in their house-building specialties? A successful and busy builder has a Rolodex of quality tradespeople that they can call on.

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Get two years of material warranty and $5,000 back if we can't deliver on time.*

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