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How to Prepare your Home Renovation

Whether it be a whole house renovation or home addition, you may feel anxious and overwhelmed by this significant change.

July 26, 2022
Ian Nicule
July 26, 2022

Whether it be a whole house renovation or home addition, you may feel anxious and overwhelmed by this significant change. Not to worry, this article will provide you with all the best tips to ensure that you are fully ready for anything this renovation has for you!

Step 1: Prepare your Home

If you have chosen to renovate your entire home, you will need to put all your furniture and belongings into storage. Work room-by-room as you pack up, labeling all your boxes to find and relocate them easily once your renovation is complete. Make sure your valuables are cushioned and handled with care when placing these boxes in the storage.

It is recommended that you leave these belongings in your garage, or a storage unit, as they are temperature controlled to avoid heat or cold damage that may occur. Finally, keep all items you may need during the construction separate and easily accessible to avoid any unnecessary hassle.

A partial home renovation will be much easier than renovating an entire home. If you’ve chosen this option, you must section off those areas of your home. Similar to a whole-home renovation, it is recommended for you to pack room-to-room, taking extra caution with fragile items. Finally, relocate everything to the other, untouched rooms.

Step 2: Arrange to move out or make your Home Livable During the Renovation

Depending on the scope of your renovation, it may be more practical to move to another space or make your house more livable during construction.

If you need to move out during construction, think of where you could stay. This may be an optimal time for you to go on your well-deserved vacation – as long as you can be reached for progress reports by the home addition contractors Surrey has, of course. Understanding how long you’ll be out of your home is crucial in guiding your decision. You may also speak to your contractor to decide if it is worth pausing your internet, telephone, and cable/satellite services while you’re away. Utilities like running water, electricity, and heat may need to be left on, so coordinate with your team to devise the best course of action.

If you can stay home during construction, be mindful of noise, foot traffic, and dust that may linger in your home. The home addiction contractors Surrey has may also provide suggestions on how to best section your home and may even hand plastic dividers to reduce the mess. Make sure to also keep in mind what utilities you will need, such as access to a microwave or utensils, if that section were to be renovated.

Step 3: Schedule Milestones

To ensure transparency between yourself and your contractor, understand when you should be checking in with your contractor and when you should expect to hear from them. In between regular check-ins, they may need to contact you about unexpected occurrences during the construction process. Responding quickly to calls or emails will help your renovation move as smoothly as possible while keeping you on budget and on time. As the home addition contractors Surrey provides aim to be as efficient as possible, they can keep you updated with expected completion dates so you can plan to move back in or pull your items out of storage.

Now that you’ve read and understood this checklist. Be sure to apply these tips to your renovation to ensure a seamless process.

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