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Incorporating Technology into Your Custom Home

Today’s custom homes are more sustainable, and environmentally friendly than they ever have been.

October 22, 2021
Ian Nicule
October 22, 2021

Today’s custom homes are more sustainable, and environmentally friendly than they ever have been. Custom home builders use a variety of materials, tools, and appliances to make your dream home a sustainable home.

One of the tools used today by custom home builders is RFID technology. RFID uses radio waves to detect and read the information that is stored on a tiny chip embedded in an object. RFID readers access this data, and chips can be read from a distance as well. RFID technology is used a lot in retail industries and has also been used to track pets and other domesticated animals so that they can be found and identified if they are lost or get stolen.

Custom home builders use RFID technology within the design and function of the home. RFID-tagged materials can help drastically reduce the human error that happens during the construction process of building your home. The RFID chips can store and communicate information, such as whether or not they have been damaged, mishandled, or improperly used in some way. An example is that custom home builders can use this information to judge the state of previously installed materials, which can help stop unexpected delays and complications.

RFID chips can also store information such as the average temperature and humidity levels, air circulation and air quality patterns, and the stability and viability of essential structural components and home systems. In other words, RFID technology can create a home where the homeowner can immediately get a notification when something in their home needs to be repaired or replaced. This can greatly reduce home maintenance costs, as sometimes it is difficult to catch a problem until it becomes hard to ignore.

In terms of home appliances, RFID technology can be used in daily life to help organize and manage tasks and information, such as what is inside the refrigerator, and can send notifications to homeowners to remind them when they are getting low on items. It can also help homeowners to program and activate remotely everything from the coffee maker to the drapes, thermostats, and dishwashers. With RFID technology, custom home builders can turn your dream home into a smart home.

Another important application and use of RFID is in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. When batteries need to be changed, or if a detector stops operating correctly, the homeowner will receive automatic alerts.

RFID technology can also be paired with ECO RFID technology, which turns RFID tags or chips into 100% renewable paper labels that do not have plastic layers or harmful chemicals on them, which are found on traditional tags.

All of the RFID tags can be recyclable and renewable and are still easy to use. RFID tags can be placed discreetly and subtly on materials and appliances installed by your custom home builders.

When building a custom home, it is important to work with professional and knowledgeable custom home builders so that you can get exactly what you want. They will be with you every step of the way, throughout the planning process, building process, and styling process. They will be able to help you visualize your forever home and will be able to turn your dreams into a realistic, tangible reality.

Custom home builders are familiar with the current technology and home trends. If you have any questions about incorporating technology into your home and how to make your home sustainable and green, they will be able to help you create your home as you want it to be.

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