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Laneway Suite Homes are Popular Options to both Live In and Invest Into!

Laneway homes are a great solution to the housing crisis and high real estate prices especially in the Lower Mainland area of BC.

January 15, 2022
Ian Nicule
January 15, 2022

Laneway homes are a great solution to the housing crisis and high real estate prices especially in the Lower Mainland area of BC. Laneway homes can be a great solution for multi-generational living giving young or older generations freedom and their own personal space while helping young adults who have been priced out of the housing market. Laneway homes are also a great income generator and can easily be rented out either full-time or on a temporary basis on house renting websites such as Airbnb. The beauty of laneway homes is that they are flexible enough to be a practical solution for many different housing-related issues that are prevalent today.

Laneway homes are great alternatives to basement suites and condos. Laneway homes offer more privacy as there are no shared walls, entrances, or laundry use. Private outdoor spaces for both homes can be created. Laneway homes also can offer more natural life than a basement suite. Landlords do not have to travel far to visit their tenants and tenants also have easy access to their landlord for property maintenance and repairs. Both parties get the security benefit of having the other on the property.

Multi-generational living can be difficult but is becoming more and more popular due to the changing demographics, the rise of housing costs, and people living longer. Laneway homes are excellent spaces to give your family the benefits of living close together while also having the benefits of having private space. Laneway homes can also function as work flex spaces or offices. Flex spaces can serve as offices, studios, gyms, guest homes, or anything else. They can be used as short or long-term rentals as well for supplemental income when the unit is not in use.

While laneway homes are smaller than the main home on the lot, they can actually range anywhere from 450 to around 1,700 square feet. Use of space is very important in laneway homes so it is important that professional services are taken from such a knowledgeable laneway suite contractor from start to finish. This will prevent any costly and stressful setbacks that can potentially happen down the road.

Like any renovation project, the proper paperwork needs to be completed and submitted when applying to have a laneway suite built. Depending on where you live, your laneway home will need to meet certain criteria established by your city or neighbourhood. A laneway suite contractor will know what needs to be done, and how to do it to avoid delays and fines.

Building a home from plans to the final product is exciting. Having a final vision in mind will help you complete your goal laneway home.

Depending on where you live, there will be different zoning bylaws for laneway homes. Hiring a knowledgeable, and experienced laneway suite contractor will help ensure that your project will be completed on time, and not drastically over budget.

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