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Should You Buy or Build Your House?

A home built to your specific tastes and functional requirements assures that you get everything you want.

April 1, 2021
Ian Nicule
April 1, 2021

Custom Homes

A home built to your specific tastes and functional requirements assures that you get everything you want. New home construction also means that you may use the latest developments in home systems like air filtration, and electrical, helping you to save money, be more efficient and environmentally friendly. If location is an issue, generally lots available at or near where you want to be, or older rundown homes that can be raised.

The Option – To Build or Buy

Here is the option you face– you either buy an existing house and make it work for you, either by accepting the way it is, or trying a home renovation, or you can build a custom home from the ground up, select a custom home builder, and decide on a custom home design.

We at Nicons Enterprises Ltd. would like you to make an informed decision. The more you know, the better choices you make, and this is one decision that will affect you and your family for some time to come. So, what does that look like?

Buying an Existing Home

Providing you work with a good real estate agent (they do vary greatly), who is honest, a good listener, and shows you appropriate properties, you may find an existing home that meets your needs. But you’ll need to be your own advocate and stand by your “must-haves.” If your agent streamlines the negotiations and paperwork, and your offer is accepted, you could possibly move in within a month. The ease of being able to move right in is why some opt for buying an existing home over building a new one.

Building a New Home

Taking into account that this is a decision that will affect you, and your family, for a long time to come, means that you want to make sure that your home has everything you want and in the style you want. This decision also means that you can install the latest systems. We should add that new construction will not require the repairs and maintenance that an existing home would. This might mean less time and money spent over time.

Building a Custom Home is a Better Option

When you consider both beauty and function, building a custom home allows you to make sure that everything is in line with your vision and your own style. With a custom home builder in Vancouver like Nicons, you get exactly what you want, and exactly the way you want it. When you build your own custom home, you are realizing your own personal dream and creating an environment that reflects your particular taste.

Location, Location, Location

There may be no more important word when the topic is real estate. Especially when it pertains to home value and deciding exactly where you want to live. This decision takes the first priority. You can figure out what you want to build after this decision is made.

You may be influenced by school districts, proximity to work, or family and friends. Or you may be influenced by the sort of terrain or environment in which you choose to build, like a great view, or a body of water.

Make it All Yours

It is hard to describe the feeling of accomplishment you get when your home is built to your specifications, a complete reflection on your taste and vision. From layout to function, it can be all based on your requirements now, and in the future. Nicons Enterprises Ltd. would like to help you realize your dreams by building your dream home.

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We build your dream home that fits your budget. Get 2 years of material warranty and $5,000* back if we can’t deliver on time.

Get two years of material warranty and $5,000 back if we can't deliver on time.*

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