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The Benefits of Building a Custom Home in Vancouver

Building a custom home is a good option for home buyers and has many benefits.

March 8, 2021
Ian Nicule
March 8, 2021

Building a custom home is a good option for home buyers and has many benefits. Custom homes guarantee that you get everything you want and need in a home, without the hassle of searching through existing homes on the market. Most of all, custom homes allow you to design and build a home to your exact specifications.

As renovators and custom home builders in Langley, we’ve seen firsthand the benefits to home buyers when they choose to build their own homes. Here are a few:

It’s completely customized to your needs and wants

The most significant benefit of a custom home is that it’s entirely designed and personalized for you. Instead of moving into a home and renovating it to make it perfect, a custom home will check off everything on your must-have list. Everything from the floor plan, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, to the finishing like counter-tops and fixtures – it’s all something you can help choose and design. As custom home builders in Langley, Nicons Enterprises will build a home that not only fits your needs but fits your lifestyle as well. Read through these questions to help narrow down some necessities for your new custom home.

You can optimize your lot or building site

Pre-existing homes are already set and built on a lot, leaving little room to change major things on the property. For example, you can’t move your existing house to a shadier part of the property.

With a custom home, you can optimize the home’s architecture, as well as the lot design. For example, you can maximize the amount of sunlight or shade that part of the lot gets or make the most of even airflow throughout each room. You can decide beforehand if the bedrooms will face the backyard or the front. Your landscaping will also be a blank canvas, allowing you to design outdoor living spaces, lawns, gardens, and plant trees where you find most beneficial.

You’ll get greater overall quality and fewer surprises

A custom home guarantees there won’t be any chance of inferior construction or low-quality accessories, especially when you work with a trusted builder. Existing homes might come with maintenance issues, bad DYI renovations, and other unexpected mishaps.

Part of working with Langley home builders means that from floor-to-ceiling, your home will be built by expert craftsmen using quality materials. Plus, everything in the home will be brand new, so you won’t have to worry about repairs for quite some time. In the end, not only will you get the quality you want, but so will your home’s value. A custom-built home is a significant investment, but down the road, that investment will have a good return.

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It will be energy-efficient from the start

Many homeowners choose to renovate their homes to improve energy efficiency. When you build a custom home, you’ll get to choose energy-efficient options from the start. Instead of having to replace windows or appliances down the road, and spend more money, those features will already be in place when you move in. By building new, you incorporate a whole-house approach for improving energy efficiency.

Creating a green home design means that every part of the home, from the climate, appliances, lighting, insulation, and more, are taken into consideration during the design stage.

You set the budget and timeline

When you buy a pre-existing home, there are typically negotiations involving the buying price. Factors such as including existing appliances, or the results of a home inspection, may affect the final cost. It can feel like a stressful process.

A custom home, however, has a much more definitive budget and timeline. One of the first things that we do as Langley home builders are to create a budget and draft a timeline for the project. Within both, there will be some planned leeway in case of unexpected changes or additions. But most importantly, you’ll know exactly how much your new home will cost, when payments will be due, and when you can expect to move in.

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Get two years of material warranty and $5,000 back if we can't deliver on time.*

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