Basement Renovation & Remodeling Contractor

Basement Renovation & Refinishing

In the Lower Mainland, many homeowners love the idea of having basements as they come with many benefits. Basement suites can host a growing family and have family members to be together but comfortable situated in the same household with full privacy, act as an extended part of the home to provide space for parking vehicles or an in-house house, gym, art studio, or hangout area and also be a source of extra income if leased to tenants. Basements in Vancouver and anywhere in the Lower Mainland offer housing solutions to individuals and small families who are not able or prefer not to purchase their places and/or don’t want to move out to the suburbs. Fully furnished basement suites can easily add value to your home if you ever plan on selling it in the future. Investing in basement refinishing in Vancouver and anywhere in the Lower Mainland can ensure that the price and market value of your home will rise exponentially.

If you have a basement that is not fully functional, needs remodeling work, or requires refinishing, Nicons Enterprises can help you. We help to build basement suites suited to your choice of functionality as to what you are looking to utilize the space for, your choice of design in terms of the layout and usage, and the final touches of paint, finishes, flooring, appliances, and fixtures you envision. If you are looking for a

Some common basement renovation and remodeling work we do with expertise includes;

  • Creating new entrances
  • Plumbing work
  • Electrical work
  • Installations of windows and window sills or ledges
  • Remodeling a current kitchen
  • Remodeling current bathrooms
  • Soundproofing the basement
  • Installing a separate heating system from the rest of the house
  • Taking down old flooring and installing new flooring and baseboards
  • Drywall jobs
  • Painting to give the area a new polished look
  • Any detailed interior aesthetics

We here at Nicons Enterprises offer a full line of customized solutions to transform your basement suite best suited for your needs from start to finish. Whether you plan on renovating your basement for your personal use or have it refinished to put on rent, you can count on our knowledge and expertise to guide and help bring out the maximum potential of your basement suite. We are your professional basement remodeling contractors who will work on all types of basement renovation and refinishing in Vancouver, Surrey, Langley, and anywhere else throughout the Lower Mainland.