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The Environmental and Social Impact of Small Custom Home Builds

While the Jones’ may be looking to go larger, many folks are looking to reduce their environmental footprints

February 16, 2022
Ian Nicule
February 16, 2022

While the Jones’ may be looking to go larger, many folks are looking to reduce their environmental footprints, literally, by opting to buy or build smaller homes.

But sustainability is not the only reason people have turned to small custom home builders. Some families are looking to downsize, while others are looking to break into an expensive market. Smaller houses are less expensive to build, maintain, and require smaller lots, all bonuses in places like Vancouver, where space and materials are at a premium.

Here’s a closer look at a few of the reasons you might want to make your next big construction project a small custom home.

The Environmental Benefits of Building Small

A small custom home building is the perfect opportunity to create a space that will have a lasting, positive environmental impact. By choosing a smaller home, you are already reducing your carbon footprint. You’ll require fewer materials, your home will require less energy to heat and cool, and you can build on smaller lots.

However, small custom home builders can also advise you on cutting-edge eco-friendly construction. From your material selections and energy system to your home’s orientation and building envelope, eco-friendly design and building can help you maximize your efficiency and minimize your carbon footprint.

Less Focus on More, Increased Focus on More Fulfilled

Living in a big home with all the bells and whistles was once the epitome of success. However, there has been a noticeable shift in consumer behavior, brought about by soaring housing costs and the environmental drain small families living in big homes can produce. Instead, many families are opting to reduce their square footage and increase their ability to enjoy other things, such as recreation and hobbies.

Minimalism is trending right now, but it doesn’t need to affect the functionality of your home. Small custom home builders are like miracle workers when it comes to squeezing all the function you would expect of a larger home into one with a much smaller footprint; the key is choosing a builder familiar with small home construction.

Demand for Small Homes is At an All-Time High

For some, it’s a financial decision; for others looking to downsize, it’s a choice. But either way, small homes are hot-ticket items right now.

According to a recent survey undertaken by Fidelity National subsidiary IPX1031, 86% of first-time homebuyers said they would consider living in a small home, and 84% of individuals at retirement age expressed an interest in small home living. When asked, survey respondents reported affordability, efficiency, eco-friendliness, and a desire to live minimalistic as their top reasons for wanting to go smaller with their homes.

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With climbing housing prices, soaring rent, and an unprecedented number of baby boomers preparing for their retirement years, small home custom builds not only offer affordable living for right now but could also provide a long-term revenue stream for individuals looking for an investment opportunity.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Small Home?

It’s difficult to put an exact number of small custom home building costs. Several factors are at play, including the actual size of the home, the complexity of the build, the material selections, and the location.

That said, the average cost per square foot for a custom build in Vancouver ranges from $175 to $300+ a square foot.

Nicons Enterprises Ltd is a leading residential home builder with experience building custom homes of all sizes throughout the Lower Mainland and Greater Vancouver Area. If you want more information on getting the small custom build home of your dreams, we can help.

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