laneway house

Laneway Home Builders

This projects are born from the willingness to create the perfect balance between location and budget.

A laneway house is a smaller, detached home located where the garage would normally go on a single-family lot which includes a parking accessory (either inside or out). Unlike coach or infill houses, you cannot stratify or subdivide to sell the laneway house separately; it rides with the property like a basement suite. Whether you are looking to build a laneway home in Vancouver, Surrey, Langley or anywhere in the Lower Mainland, there are limitations regarding the size of how it can be constructed. Currently, the maximum permitted floor area for a laneway house depends on the size of the lot it’s built on, not counting allowable exclusions, they may not exceed 83.6 square metres (900 square feet). Laneway homes typically end up being between 700 and 1,000 square feet if you include the exclusions.

If you are interested in building a laneway house in Vancouver Surrey, Langley or anywhere in the Lower Mainland, contact us to learn more about our design-build process. We would love to discuss how our team can help you with your project. You can also email, phone, or visit the City’s Development and Building Services Centre to learn more about regulations and the approval process of building a laneway.

Here are some key benefits of why you should build a laneway house

  • Multi-generational living & family closeness or the ability to have family members close to home, especially as children are getting older and want to have their own place but are having trouble affording property in Vancouver
  • Great for parents who may be downsizing which allows them to rent out the main house for supplemental income
  • The average price to build a laneway starts at approx. $250,000 which would be difficult to find anything to purchase in the city for that price point
  • Additional rental income
  • Increases your lot’s resale value
  • Helps with the city’s affordable housing shortage

Vancouver Laneway Homes Requirements:

  • RS-1 and RS-5 Single Family areas
  • Lots 33’ wide and wider with an open lane, on a double fronting street or on a corner with a lane dedication
  • A unit within the area on the rear 26’ of the lot with a minimum 16’ separation between the laneway home and the main house
  • Rental or Family only no strata-titled
  • Minimum of one on-site parking space
  • Unit size will be based on the lot size with a maximum of 750-900 square feet
  • 1 and 1 1⁄2 storey configurations are accepted