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Don’t Live with Regrets, How to Choose the Right Custom Home Builders

Building a custom home comes with a ton of perks; you get everything you’ve ever wanted in a house designed just for you.

April 20, 2022
Ian Nicule
April 20, 2022

Building a custom home comes with a ton of perks; you get everything you’ve ever wanted in a house designed just for you. But when you decide to build, you don’t get to try before you buy, and there’s no in-store return policy, so a lot is riding on getting your custom-built home right. And just as important as what goes into your home is the custom home builders you choose to put it all together.

Don’t make a mistake you’ll have to live with forever; here are a few tips on choosing custom home builders.

Price Isn’t Everything

A custom home is a significant investment. While it may be tempting to select a builder based on price alone, it’s important to remember that an initial quote estimates what the work project will cost and that this number will fluctuate as the build progresses. Instead, choose a quality builder who is willing to work within your budget and can help you balance your wants and needs throughout the project.

Determine How Hands-On You Want to Be

Custom building is a lot of work, no matter how involved you decide to be. However, custom home builders work with an array of professionals who can help lighten the load. For example, some homeowners welcome the opportunity to work with interior designers regarding floor plans, materials, and finishes, while others prefer to take on design decisions on their own.

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If you are unsure, talk with your builder to get a better idea of the types of decisions you’ll be expected to make and when you’ll have to make them. Indecisiveness can result in expensive delays.

Ask the Right Questions

Most people wouldn’t hire custom home builders without first meeting with them, discussing details of the project, and viewing some of the builder’s previous work to ensure quality and craftsmanship. But there are equally important questions that often get missed, especially if this is the first you’ve worked with a contractor.

Some of the biggest challenges with custom home builders aren’t related to building at all; they are caused by poor communication between the builder, trades, and the client. Before you hire a custom home builder, ask:

  • Who will be the designated point of contact?  You want this person to be easily reachable. Being put through to a receptionist or voicemailbox each time you need to speak to someone about your project can create a lot of undue stress.
  • How often will quality inspections take place? Who will be responsible for deficiencies?
  • How do they manage delays and change orders?
  • What type of warranty do they offer on their finished product?

Don’t leave your custom build to chance. Armed with these tools you can source custom home builders with the skills to deliver your perfect home.

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Get two years of material warranty and $5,000 back if we can't deliver on time.*

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